Beeler family history

This family history was complied by Edward E. Beeler (1933 - 2008)

Beeler family photo album


 Generation Number One

JOHANN MICHAEL1 BÜHLER was born 23 November 1680 in either Switzerland or what is now Germany.   Derivations of Bühler are Buehler, Bealor, Beelor, Biler, Bihler and Beeler.  There is conflicting information on which country he came from.  Reliable geneologists have so far been unable to provide proof which of those places he called home.

 He came to America 30 September 1727 arriving aboard the ship Molley in Philadelphia from Vestenburg, Germany, via Rotterdam.  The ship’s master, John Hodgeson, listed his name as Johannas Pealer.

 Prior to 1871 what is now called Germany was a number of separate states whose boundaries frequently changed as a result of war or other disruption.  That Johann Michael may have arrived from Vestenburg does not prove he resided there.  He could have migrated from the Rhine Valley in Switzerland, as did thousands of others.  Although I have searched the Internet, I have not found his name listed in either country. I and other Beeler Family researchers will continue to strive for proof of his place of birth.

 He most likely was a Palatine, an inhabitant of The Palatinate, the lands owned by a secular prince of the Holy Roman Empire.  In the 18th and 19th centuries, the term Palatine was used in America to describe immigrants of The Palatinate and other adjoining German-speaking areas, such as Switzerland.

 Robert Sminkey posted this explanation:  “During the War of the Grand Alliance (1689-97), the troops of the French monarch Louis XIV ravaged the Rhenish (Lower) Palatinate, causing many Germans to emigrate.  Many of the early German settlers of America (the Pennsylvania Dutch) were refugees from The Palatinate.  During the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, The Palatinate lands on the west bank of the Rhine River were incorporated into France, while its eastern lands were divided largely between neighboring Baden and Hesse.

 “After the defeat of Napoleon (1814-15), the Congress of Vienna gave the east bank lands to Bavaria.  These lands, together with some surrounding territories, again took the name of Palatinate in 1838.”

 It is important to remember that most people were illiterate in the 1700s.  It was because of that that so many different spellings of Beeler occurred.  As you will find later Beeler came out Peeler more than once.

 Johann Michael arrived in America likely with his wife and some children.  His first son, ULRICH, arrived 23 September 1734, seven years after his father.  Ulrich was 29 years old.  Records of the Trinity Lutheran Church in Lancaster County, PA.,  list Johann’s children and note that he died from drowning 15 August 1753 and is buried in the church’s cemetery.

 JOHANN MICHAEL1 BÜHLER and his wife, UNKNOWN had the following children:

 i.          ULRICH2 BÜHLER.  Born 1705 in Switzerland.  Died after 1778.  Spouses:  Maria Elizabeth UNKNOWN.

 ii.         JACOB BÜHLER.  Spouses: Maria Eva UNKNOWN.

 iii.       VALENTINE BÜHLER.  Spouses:  Sophia UNKNOWN.

 iv.        JOHN MARTIN BÜHLER.  Spouses:  Esther UNKNOWN.

  v.         ANNA BARBARA BÜHLER.  Married before 22 April 1739.  Died before 25 January 1742/43.  Spouses:  Henry BASLER.

  vi.        FREDERICK BÜHLER.  Married before 18 May 1740.  Spouses: Veronica UNKNOWN.

 vii.      JOHN HENRY BÜHLER.  Spouses: Maria Christine UNKNOWN.

 viii.     CHRISTIAN BÜHLER.  Spouses:  Susanna Margaret UNKNOWN.

 ix.        DAVID BÜHLER.

 x.         JOHN MICHAEL PEELER.  Born 9 August 1740 at Lancaster County, PA. Died about 10 March 1807 at Rowan County, North Carolina.  He married ANNA CATHARINA UNKNOWN, then  MARGARET REITHWEILL and they had seven children, all of whom came into this world as Peeler.  They were Jacob, John Michael, Catharina, Peter, Anthony, Andrew and Anna Maria.  No doubt this Peeler/Bühler situation has created much confusion for those striving to build their family tree.  Later the last name was changed to Beeler.



Generation Number Two



 i.          ELIZABETH BEELER (note the change in spelling of last name). Born 6 August 1738, Lancaster County, PA.  Spouses:  Daniel Miller.

 ii.         MARTHA BEELER

.iii.       ULRICH BEELER.  Died about 1805 in Sullivan County, Tennessee.  Married Martha UNKNOWN.

 iv.        JOHN VALENTINE3 BEELER.  Born 21 February 1737 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.1 Died about 1823 in Grainger County, Tennessee.2

  v.         JOSEPH BEELER.  Born 2 August 1744 in York County, Pennsylvania.  Married Christina BAKER 2 November 1772 in Shenandoah County, Virginia.  Died 14 August 1833 in Sullivan County, Tennessee.3

  vi.        GEORGE BEELER.  Born about 1747 in Millersville, Virginia.  Died in 1818 in Claiborne County, Tennessee.

 vii.      JACOB BEELER.  Born 10 October 1750 in Frederick County, Virginia.  Married CATHERINE UNKNOWN.  Died 20 January 1843 in Sullivan County, Tennessee.4

 Sources:         1 Grainger County Tennessee and Its People 1796-1998

2  Notes of David Cosper

3  Bible Record of William Beeler

4  Tennessee Ancestors, Vol. 10 (3), Dec. 1994. Article Titled JOSEPH BEELER AT KINGS MOUNTAIN.

 Note for Ulrich Bühler:  Extracted from the list of foreigners imported in the ship Hope, Daniel Reid, Master, from Rotterdam.  Qualified Sept. 23, 1734.

 BÜHLER, Ulrich.  (The original list is herewith given) Men’s Names

     Name                    Age

BÜLER, Ulrich       29



Generation Number Three


            JOHN VALENTINE3 BEELER  (ULRICH2, JOHANN MICHAEL1) was born 21 February 1737 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.1  He was married to MARY TURNEY in 1759 in Frederick County, Virginia.2  He died about 1823 in Grainger County,  Tennessee.  His wife was born about 1740 and died about 1810 in Union County, Tennessee.

 JOHN VALENTINE3 BEELER and MARY TURNEY had these children:

 i.          ROSANNA BEELER. Born about 1759 at Frederick, Virginia.  Married James Arnwine.  Died after 1837 in Tennessee.

 ii.         DANIEL BEELER.  Born about 1760 in Frederick County, Virginia.  Married Elizabeth Hudspeth.  Died 13 November at Lawrenceburg, Lawrence County, Tennessee.

 iii.       JACOB BEELER.  Born 1760 in Frederick County, Virginia.  Married Catherine Unknown.  Died in 1835 in Sullivan County, Tennessee.

 iv.        JOSEPH BEELER.  Born 5 July 1762 in Frederick County, Virginia.3   Married Catherine (Katy) Petre in 1791 in Sullivan County, Tennessee.1  Married Anna Hollingsworth Parker.  Died 22 August 1845 in Grainger County, Tennessee.3

 v.         MARGARET BEELER.  Born 4 April 1765 in Pennsylvania.  Married Unknown Smith.  Married Thomas Dunn.  Died 20 November 1846 in Speedwell, Claiborne County, Tennessee.4

 vi.        PETER4 BEELER.  Born 16 September 1767 at Millers Town, Shenandoah Valley, Virginia.5  Married BARBARA PETRE in March 1794 in Tennessee.2    Died 17 August 1836 in Speedwell, Claiborne County, Tennessee.6

 vii.      ULRICH BEELER.  Born about 1769.  Died in Sullivan County, Tennessee.

 viii.     GEORGE BEELER.  Born about 1771.  Died in 1836 in Claiborne, Tennessee.

 ix.        ANNA BEELER.  Born 1779.  Married William Robinson 12 November 1802 in  Grainger County, Tennessee.

 x.         JOHN BEELER JR.  Born about 1784 in Tennessee.  Married Hannah Vandergriff 19 April 1802 in Grainger County, Tennessee.  Died in 1861 in Grainger County, Tennessee.

 Sources: 1    Grainger County Tennessee and Its People 1796-1998

               2    Notes of David Cosper

               3   Texas Society DAR Roster Revolutionary Ancestors, Vol. 1

               4     Buried in Dunn Cemetery, Speedwell, Claiborne County, Tennessee

               5     Beeler Family in Virginia and Tennessee

               6    Buried Beeler Cemetery near Speedwell, Claiborne County, Tennessee



Information from David R. Cosper:

 “Shenandoah Co., VA was once part of Frederick County from which it was split off in 1772.  The Beelers lived near Edinburg for perhaps 20 years before most, if not all, of them moved on to Sullivan County, TN.  John Valentine Beeler migrated to Grainger County about 1797 as did several of his children.  His brothers Jacob, Joseph and Ulrich stayed in Sullivan County where all three died.  His brother, George, settled in Claiborn County, TN.”

 (Jacob and Joseph fought in the Revolutionary War.  Both filed certificates that they had participated in the Battle of Kings Mountain and they had witnessed the surrender of the enemy.)

 The Pennsylvania-German Society:

First Reformed Church, Lancaster, PA, Births & Baptisms:


John Valentine Buhler, s. Ulrich; b. 21 Feb, bap. 15 May


Grainger Co., TN County Court Minutes 1796-1802:

A Deed of Conveyance from Thos. King to John Bealor proven in Open Court let it be registered.

 A Deed of Conveyance from John Beelor to Joseph Beelor.  Acknowledged in Open Court let it be registered.

 John Beelor Records his mark, a Smooth Crop in the Right Ear and half Crop in the left.

 A Deed of Conveyance from John Beelor to George Petre Acknowledged in Open Court let it be registered.

 A Deed of Conveyance from John Beelor to Daniel Petre Acknowledged in Open Court let it be registered.


1804 Grainger Co, TN Tax List:  Capt. Thomas James’ List:

            Beeler, John, Senr. 440 acrs Clinch River


Generation Number Four

PETER4 BEELER  (JOHN VALENTINE3, ULRICH2, JOHANN MICHAEL1) born 16 September 1767 in Millers Town, Shenandoah Valley, Frederick County, Virginia.  Died 17 August 1836 in Claiborne County, Tennessee.  He is buried in the Beeler Cemetery near Speedwell, Tennessee.  He married BARBARA PETRE  March 1794.  She was a sister of Katey who married Peter’s brother, Joseph.  BARBARA died in June 1828 and is buried beside her husband.

 Notes on Peter Beeler from Old Speedwell Families:

 The John Valentine Beeler family settled on Beaver Creek in what is now Sullivan Co., TN, sometime before April 1780 when John Valentine was first granted land there by North Carolina.  The Beelers were most probably German or Swiss origin and came into Virginia from Pennsylvania.

 A neighbor on Beaver Creek was Adam Petre, whose daughter Barbara, married Peter Beeler about 1794.  .Barbara Beeler died at Speedwell in June 1828 and is buried beside her husband.

 Peter Beeler was taxed in Sullivan Co in 1796.  He moved to Grainger Co., TN., about 1797 and he is found on the tax list of Sullivan Co. for that year.  His father is first mentioned in the court records of Grainger Co in February and Peter in May 1798.

 Peter Beeler and his mill are mentioned frequently in the court records of Grainger Co.  He served as a juror several times and was taxed for several hundred acres in the years 1799-1813.  His holdings ranged from 385 1/2 acres to 640 acres.  He and his family were enumerated in Grainger Co. in the 1810 census.

 ….The last time he (Peter Beeler) is mentioned in the Grainger Co. court records is in Aug 1814, as he sold land to Joseph Beeler.  In four transactions from Oct. 1810 until Sept. l818 he bought 610 acres on Davis Creek in Claiborne Co….In March 1833 he sold his farms to his three youngest sons jointly.  His will was presented in court on 3 Oct 1836 and proved by William Kincaid.  William Bowman and Adam Beeler were bonded executors.  A sale was held in early Nov.  The estate was settled March 1841.

 PETER4  BEELER and BARBARA PETRE were parents of the following children:

 i.          ESTHER BEELER.  Born 9 January 1795, Sullivan County, Tennessee.  Married John Powell 21 February 1813.  Died 1853.

ii.         MARY BEELER.  Born 16 July 1796, Sullivan County, Tennessee.  Married William E. Bowman Jr. about 1822.  Died 13 November 1839, Clairborne, Tennessee. 

iii.       ANNA BEELER.  Born 17 April 1798 Sullivan County, Tennessee.  Married  Joab Powell.

 iv.        WINNIE BEELER.  Born 11 November 1799 Grainger County, Tennessee.  Married  Stephen Cawood III abt. 1819.  Died after 1850.

 v.         JOHN  W BEELER.  Born 8 May 1801, Grainger County, Tennessee.  Married Jane Powell 16 October 1824 in Claiborne County, Tennessee.  Died about 1864.

  vi.        ADAM BEELER.  Born 11 April 1803 Grainger County, Tennessee.  Married Susan Bowman 31 March 1824.

 vii.      SAMUEL BEELER.  Born 28 May 1806.  Married Elizabeth Unknown in 1830.

 viii.     SARAH BEELER.  Born 11 October 1808, Grainger County, Tennessee.

 ix.        SUSANNAH BEELER.  Born about 1810, Grainger County, Tennessee.

 x.         DANIEL5 BEELER.  Born 10 February 1813, Grainger County, Tennessee.  Died 27 July 1862.

 xi.        BARBARA BEELER.  Born 30 June 1814, Grainger County, Tennessee.

 xii.      CATY BEELER.  Born 28 September  1816, Claiborne County, Tennessee.

 xiii.     ROSANNAH BEELER. Born about 1816, Claiborne County, Tennessee.  Married Jefferson Hunter 26 November 1836 at Speedwell, Claiborne County, Tennessee.   Died 1 July 1868 in Speedwell, Claiborne County, Tennessee.

 Generation Number Five

 DANIEL5 BEELER  (PETER4, JOHN VALENTINE3, ULRICH2, JOHANN MICHAEL1) was born 10 February 1813 in Grainger County, Tennessee, and died 27 July 1862 in Union County, Tennessee.  He married RACHEL CAWOOD ROGERS 15 April 1841 in Claiborne County, Tennessee.  She was born 29 April 1822 in Claiborne County, Tennessee, and died 04 January 1897 in Union County, Tennessee.

 Children of  DANIEL5 BEELER and RACHEL ROGERS are:

 i.          DAVID ROGERS (DAVIS) BEELER.  Born 11 May 1842, Claiborne County, Tennessee.  September  1936.  Married NANCY (NACK) STINER.  She was born 22 July 1844 Union County, Tennessee, and died before 1936.

 ii.         JAMES ASBURY6 BEELER. Born 28 November 1844, Speedwell, Union County, Tennessee  (was Claiborne).  Died 11 April 1931 near St. Helens, Columbia County, Oregon.

 iii.       JOHN WESLEY BEELER.  Born 31 December 1847 Union County, Tennessee.  Died 3 March 1932.

 iv.        FRENCH HAGGARD BEELER.  Born 04 May 1850, Union County, Tennessee.  Married Martha Louisa Stiner about 1852 in Union County, Tennessee.  Died 2 December 1939.

 v.         WILLIAM HARRISON BEELER.  Born 5 January 1853, Union County, Tennessee.

 vi.        ANDREW JACKSON BEELER.  Born 10 April 1855, Union County, Tennessee.

 vii.      FRANCIS MARION BEELER.  Born 14 March 1857, Union County, Tennessee.  Died 28 October 1898.

 viii.     SARAH MATILDA BEELER.  Born 14 August 1859, Union County, Tennessee.

 ix.        DANIEL M. BEELER. Born 28 November 1862, Union County, Tennessee.

 Notes on Daniel Beeler from Old Speedwell Families:

 Daniel Beeler, youngest son of Peter and Barbara (Petre) Beeler, was born in Grainger Co., TN, probably near Williams Creek on 10 Feb. 1813.  His father had come to Grainger Co. from Sullivan Co, TN about 1797.  He settled near Speedwell, Caliborne Co., TN about 1815.  Daniel and Rachel C. Rogers were married in Claiborne Co. on 15 April 1841.  He died in Union Co., TN., 27 July 1862.  Daniel Beeler received an undivided one-third interest in his father’s real estate in March 1833. . . Late in 1852 Daniel Beeler moved to the south side of the Powell River near Lead Mine Bend and bought 250 acres there from John Sharp.  He was taxed on his property in Union County through 1862.  In about 1857, for example, he was assessed for 250 acres, one poll, five horses, twelve cattle, twenty-two sheep, fifty swine, ten bushels of wheat and one thousand bushels of corn.  No probate record for Daniel Beeler has been found in Union County.


 Generation Number Six

 JAMES ASBURY6  BEELER (DANIEL5, PETER4, JOHN  VALENTINE3, ULRICH2, JOHANN MICHAEL1) was born 28 November 1844 in Speedwell, Union (was Claiborne) County, Tennessee, and died 11 April 1931 near St. Helens, Columbia County, Oregon.  He married  ELIZABETH AVELINE HONEYCUTT 24 November 1865 in Maynardville, Union County, Tennessee.  She was born 14 April 1845 in Union County, Tennessee, and died 24 April 1875 in Liberty, Gage County, Nebraska.  She is buried in Liberty Cemetery, Gage County, Nebraska.   He married ESTHER CORDELIA LYNCH on 11 August 1876 in Liberty, Gage County, Nebraska.  She was born 09 February 1857 in Claiborne County, Tennessee, and died 12 May 1943 near St. Helens, Columbia County, Oregon.


The following information comes from a document filed with the Bureau of Pensions, Department of the Interior, No. 904280, and signed by James A. Beeler, and his death certificate filed 1 April 1931 in Columbia County, Oregon.  The names of his parents are found in the 1850 census of Union County, Tennessee.

During the American Civil War, he served in Company C, 8th Tennessee Infantry Regiment, 1st Brigade, 3rd Division, 23 Corps of the Union Army.  Record No. 753397 of the Record and Pension Division of the War Department, dated 30 September 1890, says he enrolled in the Army on 1 February 1863 and mustered out with his company on 30 June 1865.  From 31 October 1863 to 30 April 1864 he held the rank of private and corporal.    He was captured by Confederate forces near Maynardville, Tennessee, 11 April 1864.   There is no evidence that his company was in action at that time.  Medical records show he was treated for diarrhea from 20 to 22 September 1863 and returned to his regiment.  Prisoner of war records show he was confined at Richmond, Virginia, on 26 April 1864.  He was sent to Andersonville, Georgia, on 31 May 1864.  

 His death certificate said he died of heart “decenefinisation(?)”, probably heart failure.  The physician who signed the death certificate was a poor penman.  He was buried at Scappoose, Columbia County, Oregon.


 i           SALLY EVALINE  BEELER.  Born 19 August 1866, Maynardville, Union County, Tennessee.  Note:  Sally Evaline (also spelled Aveline) Beeler.

 ii.         LOUISA MATILDA BEELER.  Born 15 April 1868, Union County, Tennessee; Died 04 July 1906, Liberty, Gage County, Nebraska.  Married GEORGE LIDA SHARP, 12 November, Pawnee City, Pawnee County, Nebraska.  Born 27 March 1862, Union County, Tennessee.  Died 29 March 1943, Liberty, Gage County,  Nebraska.

 iii.       RACHEL ANNIE BEELER.  Born 20 September 1870, Liberty, Gage County, Nebraska.  Died 1870, Liberty, Gage County, Nebraska and is buried in Liberty Cemetery.

 iv.        NANCY REBECCA BEELER.  Born 16 September 1871, Liberty, Gage County, Nebraska.

 v.         DANIEL PLEASANT7 BEELER.  Born 25 April 1874, Liberty, Gage County, Nebraska.  Died October 1968, St. Helens, Oregon.


 vi.        JOHN BRYCE BEELER.  Born 04 June 1877, Liberty, Gage County, Nebraska.

 vii.      GENERAL NEWTON BEELER.  Born 22 January 1879.  Buried in Liberty Cemetery, Gage County, Nebraska.

 viii.     JAMES ELI BEELER.  Born 24 April 1881, Liberty, Gage County, Nebraska.  Died after1920, St. Helens, Columbia County, Oregon.  Married Bird (Birdie) Pierce.

 ix.        BERTHA THERESA BEELER.  Born 17 March 1883, Liberty, Gage County, Nebraska.

 x.         ANNA CATHERINE BEELER.  Born 23 August 1885, Liberty, Gage County, Nebraska.

 xi.        ARCHIE MARION BEELER.  Born 24 September 1894, Liberty, Gage County, Nebraska.  Died March 1986, McMinnville, Yamhill County, Oregon.  He married BESSIE A. DUNWOODY.

 xii.      FRANKLIN GRADY BEELER.  Born 06 September 1898, Liberty, Gage County, Nebraska.  Died after 1920, St. Helens, Columbia County, Oregon.


 Generation Number Seven

DANIEL PLEASANT7 BEELER (JAMES ASBURY6, DANIEL5, PETER4, JOHN VALENTINE3, ULRICH2, JOHANN MICHAEL1) was born 25 April 1874 in Liberty, Gage County, Nebraska.  A twin sister did not survive.  He died in October 1968 in St. Helens, Columbia County, Oregon.  He married CORDIE LEE NICHOLS in Shawnee, Oklahoma, 27 March 1904.   She was born 13 April 1884 and died in October, 1978, in St. Helens, Columbia County, Oregon.  

Notes on DANIEL PLEASANT:  He was a practicing barber most of his life.  He retired from barbering at the age of 80 in 1954.  Daniel and Cordie, who was part Cherokee Indian, lived in Oklahoma but went to Oregon in 1906 where he had two barber shops, one in Houlton and one in St. Helens.  While in Oregon Cordie gave birth to their first son in Chinook, Washington, a town across the Columbia River from Warrenton, Oregon, where Daniel had relatives.  They returned to Shawnee, Oklahoma, in the fall of 1907 where he also had a barbershop and Cordie operated a ladies ready-to-wear shop for awhile.  It was in Shawnee that Daniel cut William Jennings Bryant’s hair and shaved two presidents:  Theodore Roosevelt and William Howard Taft.  Daniel and Cordie were both avid sports fans.  They were friends with baseball pitcher Carl Hubble, who had been in Daniel’s Sunday School class, and pitcher Dizzie Dean, who came to the small town of Meeker, Oklahoma, where they eventually moved to from Shawnee.  Hubble and Dean eventually became members of baseball’s Hall of Fame.


  i.          THELMA MARGUERITE  BEELER  Born 4 May 1905 in Shawnee, Oklahoma.  Married Ernest Henderson.  Thelma died in 2001.

 ii.         DANIEL ERNEST8 BEELER.  Born 3 March 1907, Chinook, Pacific County, Washington.  Died 8 May 1988, Tigard, Washington County, Oregon.

 iii.       EDNA LORENE BEELER.  Born 23 August 1910 in Shawnee, Oklahoma.  Married Reagan Crowell 8 December 1929 in Stillwater, Oklahoma.  As of March 2002 she resides in McMinnville, Yamhill County, Oregon.

 iv.      JAMES LEO BEELER.  Born 14 January 1914, Shawnee, Oklahoma.  Died 1975 in St. Helens, Columbia County, Oregon.  He was in the Army in World War II.

 v.         ELIZABETH RACHEL BEELER.  Born 20 February 1917, Shawnee, Oklahoma.   Married Don Mathis.  Divorced.  Married Frank Serafin 11 January 1948.  As of  March 2002 resides in Vernonia, Oregon.

  vi.        EVELYN MATILDA “SWEET” BEELER.  Born 2 April 1920, Shawnee, Oklahoma.  Married James Merrill.  Divorced.  As of March 2002 resides in St. Helens, Oregon.

 vii.      EDWARD WILLIAM BEELER.  Born 2 April 1920, Shawnee, Oklahoma, a twin of Evelyn Beeler.  Died in a playground accident in 1924.

 Generation Number Eight

DANIEL ERNEST8 BEELER (DANIEL PLEASANT7, JAMES ASBURY6, DANIEL5, PETER4, JOHN  VALENTINE3, ULRICH2, JOHANN MICHAEL1) was born 3 March 1907 in Chinook,  Pacific County, Washington.  He died on Mother’s Day 1988 in his youngest son’s home in Tigard, Washington County, Oregon.  His cremains were scattered in the Pacific Ocean at Pacific City, Oregon, where he often launched a dory to fish for salmon.   He married MARY THELMA PAXTON 30 March 1929 in Meeker, Lincoln County, Oklahoma.  They moved first to St. Helens, Oregon, in 1939 and then to McMinnville, Yamhill County, Oregon.  Daniel was an automobile mechanic most of his adult life.  Mary Thelma Paxton Beeler died Christmas Day, 1989.  Her cremains are scattered over the graves of her parents and daughter in Meeker Cemetery, Meeker, Lincoln County, Oklahoma.


 i.          SHIRLEY ANN BEELER.  Born 1929 in Meeker, Lincoln County, Oklahoma.   Died 1935 of  pneumonia.  Buried in Meeker Cemetery, Meeker, Lincoln County, Oklahoma.

 ii.         MARY ELIZABETH BEELER.  Born 14 September 1931, in Meeker, Lincoln County, Oklahoma.  Married MEL FOX  1 July 1951.  Later divorced.  They had four children: 

                                    Denise Lynn.  

                                   Shirley Ann. 

                                    Tom M.

                                    Donald David.

  iii.       EDWARD ELI9 BEELER.  Born 13 August 1933, Meeker, Lincoln County, Oklahoma.  Married GERALDINE YVONNE MAYERS 9 March 1962 in Salem, Marion County, Oregon.  Edward Eli Beeler died Saturday, 27 September 2008, age 75 years.

 iv.      DAN PAXTON BEELER.  Born 16 December 1945, McMinnville, Yamhill County, Oregon.  Married FAY ANN EILERTSON 14 February 1970.  They had five children:  

                                    Becky Lynn.

                                    Jefferson Eugene.

                                    Dan Paxton Jr.  Born 2 November 1978.  Died 21 November 1978. 

                                    Jennifer Marie.

                                    Christine Kelly.


EDNA LORENE8 BEELER (DANIEL PLEASANT7, JAMES ASBURY6, DANIEL5, PETER4, JOHN  VALENTINE3, ULRICH2, JOHANN MICHAEL1) was born 23 August 1910 in Shawnee, Oklahoma.     She married REAGAN CROWELL, SR 8 December 1929 in Stillwater, Oklahoma.  As of March 2002 she resides in McMinnville, Yamhill County, Oregon.  Reagan Crowell, Sr. is deceased.


 i.          REAGAN9 CROWELL, JR.  Married VIRGINIA LADD CROWELL.  He died 27 February 2001.

 ii.         JAMES9 CROWELL.  Married GERRY SWENSON.


Generation Number Nine

EDWARD ELI9 BEELER  (DANIEL ERNEST8; DANIEL PLEASANT7, JAMES ASBURY6, DANIEL5, PETER4, JOHN  VALENTINE3, ULRICH2,  JOHANN MICHAEL1) was born 13 August 1933 in Meeker, Lincoln County, Oklahoma.  Married GERALDINE YVONNE MAYERS 9 March 1962 in The Woodland Chapel, Salem, Marion County, Oregon.  Edward worked in the newspaper business in Aberdeen, Washington; Wilson, North Carolina; Eugene, Oregon; El Cajon, California; and Westminster, Maryland.  Geraldine was a travel agent prior to retirement.  They resided in Sequim, Clallam County, Washington after retiring in 31 December 1989.  Edward Eli Beeler died, Saturday, September 27, 2008, age 75 years, at his home in Sequim.  [See obituary published by Peninsula Daily News 10-22-2008.]


 i.          CHAD LORING

 ii.         SCOTT WESTON



 Children of REAGAN9 CROWELL, JR  and  VIRGINIA LADD are:

 i.          REGINA “GINA” ALLENE

 ii.         MARK DAVID

 iii.       KEVIN LAYNE



 Children of JAMES9 CROWELL  and  GERRY SWENSON are:

 i.          JAY

 ii.         SHELLY


 I am grateful to J. William Diederich...for getting me started on family research....To Dan Rohrback for answering an early posting and providing some excellent information about ancestors pre-dating James Asbury Beeler.  To Mark Asbell of Mark’s Geneology Junction who has some of the best Beeler material:  To Brenda Heifner of Brenda’s Home Page: geocities/heartland/prairie/6404/album_be.htm; and to Joe Pay for his Descendants of Ulrich Buehler: